Unarchive Gmail and Google apps email back to your inbox.

I have a client who had been setup on google apps email service, bought an ipad, and wanted her email on it.  Simple request, however, her email client was originally setup with POP email.  The google settings for her pop account had it setup so that all messages were archived after being poped.  Basically, when you tell google to archive your messages, it removes the inbox label and your message goes on to live in “All Mail” for eternity.  There is no strait-forward way to put these messages back into the inbox which it what we needed since her email client would need to be converted to IMAP and I setup her iPad with Exchange.

With out further ado, here are the steps to accomplish this:

  1. Log into your gmail or google apps account and get to email / gmail.
  2. Click on settings located in the upper left corner located between your email address and Help.
  3. Click on Filters
  4. Click created new filter
  5. In the To field. enter the email address of this account.
  6. Click next step
  7. Check Apply the label
  8. Click on the drop down that says “Choose label”
  9. Click on new label
  10. Enter a name like unarchive and press OK.
  11. Check the box beside the text that reads “Also apply filter to ### conversations below.”
  12. Click Apply Filter
  13. On the left side find the mailbox named what you named your filter and click on it.
  14. Click Select all
  15. Click on the text that says, “Select all xxx conversations in “unarchive” . Unarchive is the name of the filter.
  16. Under the move to drop down, choose Move to Inbox.  Those messages are now in your inbox
  17. Now you need to remove all the messages from the “unarchive” filter/mailbox.
  18. Click Select all
  19. Click on the text that says, “Select all xxx conversations in “unarchive” . Unarchive is the name of the filter.
  20. Click on the button that says “Remove label “unarchive” “
  21. The label / mailbox shoud now be empty and can now be deleted.
  22. Click on settings.
  23. Click on filters
  24. Click delete
  25. Click on labels
  26. Beside the name of “unarchive” or what ever you named the label click remove
  27. A pop up box appears asking you to confirm “Delete the label “unarchive”?”
  28. Click OK
  29. You’re done!!!

I hope this is of help to someone.  Use the above with care, as I make no guarantee.  Email is pretty important to me and I imagine to you as well so be careful.

11 thoughts on “Unarchive Gmail and Google apps email back to your inbox.”

  1. thanks mate,
    saved my life. one bracket too much while creating a small filter and all my mail was removed from the inbox. thank god your explanation worked!!!

  2. Just did it, according to your instructions. Piece of cake but ONLY once you know how to do it, and you went out of your way to explain every single step. Thank you!! Very helpful.

  3. It’s it the same thing if you just go to All Mail, then click on Select all then click on move to inbox?

    Problem I’m facing is after I followed the steps all mail is in inbox but future mail still goes to archive without me opening it! No idea why that’s happening.

    • GAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Tell me about it!

      Only because of this, I have created a new account, am still using it!

      I even sent a support request to the gmail team, only to receive no substantial fix… mind you, this account was created when gmail was handing out beta accounts, i.e. one of the first gmail email accounts created, before they started handing out accounts without the need to be invited. I wonder if I can still access it, and send another support request. This time saying that it is sending straight to archive. I didn’t know that then…

  4. I have followed the instruction, but the problem is new emails will still go to All Mail (Archive) Mail Box. So when I look in Inbox, I wouldn’t see any new arriving mails.

    Friend and anyone can help please, how to set that new email will again land in inbox.


  5. Afterward go to your options, and consider changing the “auto-swipe to archive” off, and add a confirm message when it does archive or delete. Otherwise it will happen again.


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