FileMaker layout order of evaluation

While working on my merge variable technique, I needed to examine the order in which FileMaker evaluates objects on a layout when a record is loaded.  My results showed that evaluation generally happens in this order:

1.  Part order (header to body to footer)

2. In each part top to bottom and left to right.

The evaluation order in each part is difficult to explain and is best served by checking out the example file merge_variable_example.fp7.  Generally though, FileMaker looks within each part for objects from the top down looking for the first object it finds looking left to right.

When you understand how FileMaker will evaluate the screen you can then alter from the way my merge variable technique was explained. Objects and variables can be in the same part.

If you have found this technique helpful or have any tips or suggestions to make it better, please leave a comment.

Download the example file merge_variable_example.fp7

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